Save the date: Inbound Marketing Day 2015

It's time to save the date for Inbound Marketing Day 2015.

Zooma will host the second annual Inbound Marketing Day in Gothenburg on November 12th. The event was a huge success last year so we have decided to do a full day seminar this year. The event is for sales, marketing and communications professionals and it focuses on sharing insights into effective marketing that delivers real results and generates a steady stream of business leads.

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You are Googled! Suggestions to increase online visibility.  

How often do you google your name? If it was a while ago, go straight to Google and make a search of your name. Write your name and check the first page. If you are very ambitious you can check through different devices and also check Baidu, Yandex, Yahoo and Bing.

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A good read to improve online measurability

"Think with Google" is a good read and worth the subscription. In the "Quarterly Top Picks Edition" where you can check out the 10 most popular pieces, we found an interesting one about online measurability. 

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Do Swedes have more time off than others?

Everyone loves a holiday and some people are entitled to more holidays than others. And Swedes are more privileged than most. Or?

Only looking at paid holidays and parental leave, Swedes are definitely fortunate. But if you dig into the hours actually worked per worker, the opposite turns out to be true.

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10 reasons to get started with inbound marketing

Have you put an inbound marketing plan together? If not, here are ten reasons for you to get started.

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