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Why doesn’t my smartphone charge when I put it on a table?

How many times have you put your smartphone on a surface and when you got moving again you realise that you should have charged it?

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What is social selling and should you use it?

A while ago I noticed a post on LinkedIn that had lots of interactions, the post was about social selling. I looked at the comments and the post seemed to be fairly appreciated. I read the post and found it interesting from the perspective that it never explained what social selling is, nor why you should use it. So what is social selling? 

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What and how to research before meetings!

I still get amazed when people turn up to meetings without having done the most basic research before the meeting. I have created some basic reminders that might be helpful for you and your colleagues.

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Will kids born today have driving licenses?

A few weeks ago I had dinner with friends and colleagues in Barcelona. My colleague Ingrid asked me if I believed that my son would have a driving license later on in life. I promptly answered no, there will be no need for a driving license as we define it today by the time my son is allowed to drive.

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What brand treats you exactly like you want to be treated?

Occasionally I ask you questions here. The title of this post is a simple question and yet such a difficult one to answer. Some say Spotify. Some say Amazon. Some say Uber. Some say their local fashion store, restaurant or their hairdresser. Most people have difficulties to find an answer at all.   

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