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Founder, CEO & Strategist since 2001. Anders provides thoughts and reflections about what and how to think about onlinification and digitalisation in B2B. Asks a lot of questions, and knows what to do with the answers.
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Amazon - Your future partner or competitor?

Amazon's mission is to offer their customers the lowest possible prices, the best available selection, and the utmost convenience. Ever since the company was founded, in 1994, it has continued to impress with its rapid growth. Starting off as a bookstore, it has since become one of the world's largest global e-commerce platform and cloud computing company. 

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Time to appoint a CAO, a Chief Analogue Officer!

Now is the time to create a role for all companies to appoint the manager of everything that is starting to get antiquated. It's time to nominate a CAO, your Chief Analogue Officer!

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Reflection on how it is to be a human being today

All companies know that business success correlates with how well a company satisfies its customers' needs. The success of Amazon, Apple and Tesla are often described as the organisation's ability to understand peoples' motivation, goals and desires. However, even though everyone is aware of the relationship between customer insights and long-term prosperity, a surprising number of companies don't know their customers.

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Time to really get to know your customers

The other day a friend asked me: "What department in a company is generally best at providing relevance to the customer?". It prompted an interesting discussion about the importance of getting to know your customers. Here's a quick summary of that discussion. 

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Is it disruptive to have satisfied customers?

In 1995, the Harvard Business Professor Clayton Christensen introduced the theory of disruptive innovation. Ever since then the term has gained popularity, and today the expression has turned into a wide term for describing innovative companies. The desire to disrupt is strong among entrepreneurs who constantly launch "the new Uber for an industry", but only a handful understand the true meaning of the concept.

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Do you understand why you should only look from the outside?

For the last couple of years, it has become common to use the expressions "outside-in" vs "inside-out" perspective. I believe it is much easier only to think outside. That way you will get the full view first, and then you can apply the implications of the outside perspective to the inside. 

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Do you want to improve your online and digital skills?

Generally, people are acutely aware of their need to improve and evolve their online and digital capacity. I claim that you tend to be shaped by the people you spend the most time with. So I am curious, who have you chosen as your top influencers in how to behave online and digitally?

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How are you doing online? 

Today, online marketing and communication is about more than your .com, a few login protected areas, and being present on social media. Many decision-makers are frustrated by how they should manage, prioritise, and align everything they do online. In response to this Zooma has created the Zooma Online Grader.

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Online & Digital evolution: To be fast or in a hurry

With today's breakneck pace of digital evolution, customer expectations are rising continuously. While others talk about the importance of exceeding customer expectations, I claim that few companies even meet the most basic expectations of their customers. 

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The ten commandments of online and digital

The other week I had lunch with one of Zooma’s friends and she asked me to create the ten commandments of online and digital. She needed it for an internal workshop with their sales and marketing. Here you’ll find a summary of the ten most common bits of advice regarding obtaining an online and digital mindset.

Here you’ll find a summary of the ten most common bits of advice regarding obtaining an online and digital mindset, including a PDF that you can download and keep as a constant reminder.

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Is it possible to recruit modern B2B marketers?

The difference between a modern and a conventional marketer is clear. Whereas the conventional marketer mainly aims to increase customer awareness, the modern marketers’ job is to build customer engagement.

In this article, I intend to help you decide if it is possible to recruit a modern marketer at all. For it to be possible, there need to be candidates out there who truly understand and adapt to the shift in customer buying behaviour. As you might have guessed, I have my doubts.

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Time to close marketing, sales and aftersales?

When we started working according to the inbound methodology many years ago, we thought that it was something that could evolve our customer’s way of working with marketing and sales. Soon, however, we came to the understanding that it has very little to do with sales or marketing per se. It’s about knowing ‘how it is to be them’ and to stay relevant to them—your prospects and customers!

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Is your company customer-centric?

What is your company’s primary focus? What is your honest reply? Many sincerely believe that they are customer-centric or focused on the customers they serve—when, in fact, they aren’t at all.

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The five most read blog posts 2017

Hope that 2018 has started well for you! These are the five most read posts on The Onlinification Blog last year. Enjoy!

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What traditional company is most ‘onlinified’ and digitalised?

From time to time I ask you questions here. The title of this post is a straightforward, simple question and yet such a difficult one to answer. By ‘traditional’ I mean a company that started before 1994, and is a so-called ‘B2B company’. Some say Apple. Some say a bank. Some say a travel company. Others say Amazon (which started in 1994). Most people, however, find it difficult to come up with an answer at all.

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