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How to get going with Kanban project management in your team!

One of the most challenging things in project management is to get a quick overview of the project and at the same time easily zoom into details in the project plan. The Kanban process can help you run projects and project teams smoothly and an online tool can support the process even better. 

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How to set the priorities within your to-do-list with an ABC analysis

Recently I wrote a blog post about ‘How to get through your to-do list..’ but sometimes it’s hard to find the strategy how to make the correct prioritisations within your to-do-list. Let me in short present one way to decide your prioritisations.

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How to get through your to-do list when other things always pop-up

You arrive to work and you have a list of things you simply must do, but once you get to your desk tonnes of emails wants your full attention. All of a sudden the work day is over—you achieved a lot of things—but no tasks on your list. What do you do?

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7 tips to get started with an agile project

Hopefully, you know the difference between waterfall and agile and as I mentioned in my previous blog posts, we at Zooma are working with a combination of both, depending on the type of project, team and customer.

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What is Kanban process management and why, when, how should you use it?

If you work with projects where tasks are difficult to estimate, or where the conditions and priorities could or will change, chances are that using a Kanban process may help you save a lot of agony. So what is Kanban and why, when and how should you use it?

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