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Why connect your Google AdWords account to HubSpot?

Zooma partner HubSpot has made it possible to connect your Google AdWords account to HubSpot. You can now combine your data in one place and go beyond just Click-through-rates. 

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4 areas you need to prioritise when reporting Inbound to management!

You probably know that the measurement possibilities in the digital world are endless and that there’s a ridiculous amount of data generated by being present online. With that in mind, it can be difficult to navigate the jungle of charts and sheets when analysing your marketing actions and monitoring your business progress. ‘Why am I looking at this number and what do you want me to do based on that!?’ Let’s take a look at 4 areas you should prioritise when reporting Inbound performance to management.

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Please, help me write a blogpost!

Have you ever felt that anxiety build up inside when the ‘blogpost-publish-date’ is moving towards you at a fast pace? I do, so I decided to help you by helping me with some hands-on, practical tips & tricks for how to get going and more importantly—how to finish.

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Make business customer experience a human-to-human matter!

Are there humans behind the numbers or just random John Does in a procurement department? I believe they are humans, and that gives us the chance to interact with them from a Human-to-Human (H2H) perspective. I want to give you 4 critical parts in how to succeed with Inbound thinking and how to apply it to your Business Customer Experience.

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