Fredrik Abrahamsson

Director of Online & Digital Solutions

Should I use PIM, DAM or both?

I often get questions about how to handle and store different kind of digital assets like images, videos, product datasheet and information when it comes to online and print. These discussions usually boils down to ‘when to use a PIM and when do I need a DAM and what is really the difference between them.’ Here’s the answer I usually give.

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How do Marketing Automation Systems work?

What is a Marketing Automation System? Well, you could say that typically it’s a cloud-based software platform (although some platforms also offers an on-premise option) that improves working efficiency for marketing and sales departments by online handling of multiple channels—including offsite channels. And it automates repetitive manual processes. Put simply, it does a lot of the marketing and sales job. But how does it work?

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Stat of the week – speed of usage of new technology

Zooma publishes ‘Stat of the week’, which we believe can be useful to you. This time it’s a stat about how long it took for telephones to gain users compared to Pokémon Go. Enjoy!

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Should you host your site (WCMS) cloud-based or on-premise?

When choosing hosting solution for your WCMS it often comes down to a choice between an on-premise or cloud-based solution. So what are the main arguments for each solution?

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How to calculate ROI for CMS?

I have been working with website Content Management Systems (CMS) for 16 years or so. Around the time I got started there was a flood of discussion about the ROI of implementing a content management system, mostly written by vendors trying to sell very expensive software in an immature market. We are now in a more mature market, but over the past 16 years two big things have changed:

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