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Making your website work for you

Will you use the so-called digital transformation to make an impact on your corporate website? Are you preparing it for Generation Z, that is, the next generation decision makers?  Their characteristics might surprise you. Here are some thoughts for you.

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The end of companies as we know them?

Some people claim that business and society has been undergoing a significant transformation for the last 10 years. Others claim that this is always ongoing, mostly in small steps which we adjust to without much fuzz. Regardless, it is relevant to ask ourselves how companies will operate in the future. Are we at the beginning of the end of companies as we know them?

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Kotler says innovation is the future!

On November 21, Professor Philip Kotler and Christian von Koenigsegg visited Stockholm to give a symposium on the topic ‘Welcome to the future’. Coming from completely different backgrounds, the two gentlemen still ended up in the same conclusion. Innovation is the future. But how does this impact marketing and relate to buzzwords like digital transformation and Industry 4.0?

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Digital transformation – do we need heroes?

Sometimes I hear that change in a company can be supported by the concept of internal heroes, role models, or promoters. You elevate an individual that has the sought after behaviour and turn that person into an internal hero. The idea is that others will follow. Can this be a fruitful method for companies going digital, in this case meaning transformation of the way they handle customers with an improved online presence? Let’s look at a couple of cases and discuss a few pros and cons with this concept.

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The 5 steps for making tech easy

Have you ever been approached by an IS/IT-company that claims it can make your business more efficient and effective?Of course, you are tempted to listen to them since ‘digitalisation’ is the buzzword of today. You are convinced and start a project, but will it really turn out to be as effortless and simple as promised? Well, it could if you do it in the right way and order.

Here are some suggestions for how to do just that.

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