Jonas Ydkvist

Brand Strategist 2014 - 2016

How should I allocate my marketing budget?

What is a reasonable budget, and how should I spend it to achieve maximum ROI? This question is on top of most CMO:s agendas. Here we share some fresh insights on marketing budget allocation.

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Who will win Inbound Super Bowl tonight?

Tonight it’s time for Super Bowl 50 at the Levi’s Stadium, San Francisco. Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos are fighting for the title. At the same time the advertising world gathers to announce another winner: Who will be the one making the strongest short- and long term impression? If you want to follow the game from another perspective, here's how we suggest you yourself can announce the winner of Super Bowl – from a communication perspective.

Who will be the winner of communication tonight?

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How big should my marketing budget be?

In times of budgeting, we are often exposed to the question regarding how to identify and argue what is a reasonable marketing budget. As for many other questions the short answer is "it depends", and here we take it a bit further than that.

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When should I send my email?

How many of the emails you receive do you open? And how many of your emails do you act on? What can you do to improve the chances of reaching through with the emails you send?

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A good read to improve online measurability

"Think with Google" is a good read and worth the subscription. In the "Quarterly Top Picks Edition" where you can check out the 10 most popular pieces, we found an interesting one about online measurability. 

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