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Is your content underperforming? 5 common mistakes to avoid

It takes time to become established as a thought leader through inbound marketing. After a piece of content has been published it needs to be distributed, read and shared. It is a process that takes time and realistically you cannot expect an instant success of your published content. If you have been going at it for a while, without getting the expected ROI, the sad truth may be though your content will never create the intended impact. So what can you do to improve your results?

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7 tips for proofreading blog posts

I’m sure you have experienced the happy feeling of relief when having finished writing a blog post? All the time spent on research, formulating every sentence, and choosing the right images for the post is behind you and finally, you are done! But wait—a very important step remains before you can publish the post; proofreading! 

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Stat of the week – WiFi in-car

This ‘stat of the week’ is about WiFi. According to the latest Ericsson Mobility Report62% of Swedish car owners want in-car WiFi. Is 62% high or low?

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How to reuse existing content and repackage it for blog posts

Sometimes it may feel difficult to come up with ideas for business blog posts and marketers lack time and budgets to create new content. It doesn’t need to be that complicated though. Here are some ideas on how to find and reuse existing content and repackage it for blog posts.

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How to overcome your digital marketing skills gap

The world is changing quickly and technology is constantly improving and challenging our usual behaviours and ways of communicating. For marketers, it could sometimes feel impossible to keep up with the trends and constantly tailor the marketing initiatives to match the current environment. 

Do you keep up with the changes and have the up-to-date knowledge required to succeed as a digital marketer?

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