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INBOUND18 recap

Last month HubSpot held its annual main event INBOUND18, and some 24,000+ inbound converts congregated in Boston to find out the latest and greatest from the inbound world. Zooma was there and here are some main impressions, takeaways and learnings from the event.

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How to overcome the primary obstacles to digital transformation

The profound change of business activities, processes, skills and models that we’re currently witnessing—caused by the digitalisation and its accelerating effect on society—is likely the single most significant change to occur to date. Yet, few organisations have managed to evolve and adapt to this new competitive environment. Why is that?

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Stat of the week – IoT

This ‘stat of the week’ is about IoT — Internet of Things. 

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Stat of the week – smart cities

This ‘stat of the week’ is about smart cities. According to Persistence Market Research, the global market for smart cities will pass US$ 1 trillion in 2019 and reach US$ 3.5 trillion in 2026.

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Stat of the week – average marketing budget

This ‘stat of the week’ is about marketing budgets. According to the Wall Street Journal, marketing budgets differ significantly among industries but now comprise 11 percent of total company budgets on average.

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