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Stat of the week – Marketing Budgets

This ‘stat of the week’ is about marketing budgets. According to Salesforce Research, global marketing leaders spent 70% of their total budget on digital marketing, and 30% on traditional marketing, in 2016. How are you spending your budget?

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Stat of the week – Messaging Apps

This ‘stat of the week’ is about Messaging Apps. According to Statista, there were over 1 billion monthly active users of WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) and 1 billion users of Facebook Messenger in January 2017. If we exclude China (where QQ Mobile and WeChat are primarily used), Facebook is completely dominating the global Messaging Apps market.  

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Stat of the week – Search

This ‘stat of the week’ is about search. According to Wordstream, 50% of all search queries are now four words or longer. This suggests that search terms are getting increasingly sophisticated and specific. This in turn puts greater demands on brands to create relevant content to be found by search engines.

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Stat of the week – Amazon

This ‘stat of the week’ is about Amazon. According to SimilarWeb, there were over 2.3 billion visits to the domain in September 2016. In the first half of 2016, it was the number one shopping site in 59 countries.

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Stat of the week – Artificial Intelligence

This ‘stat of the week’ is about Artificial Intelligence. According to Forrester, intelligent agents and related robots will have eliminated a net 6% of jobs by 2021. 

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