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The 4 most important SEO ranking factors according to industry studies

Every year there are new reports and articles published outlining the most important ranking factors to consider when working with search engine optimization. We've looked at the latest ones and summarised what we believe to be right in 2018.

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A brief history of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A lot can be said (and has been said!) about Search Engine Optimization, so instead of offering yet another analysis of recent data, this time we take a look at the past to see what there is to learn for the future.

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What mobile apps do 18–34 year olds’ use the most?

If you’re guessing Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram, you’re not the only one. However, according to a recent survey by comScore, none of these is among the top two, and one of them isn’t even in the top ten. Want to know what apps made the list and which is on top? Then let’s get to it!

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Resources for those that want to know more about GDPR

In May 2018 the new EU data privacy act called the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) is coming into force. The purpose of the legislation is to have an impact on how organisations obtain, store, manage or process personal data of EU citizens. In this post, we will provide some fundamental information and links to sources talking about the GDPR and its consequences that we have found useful, and hopefully you will too. (Note that this post is not to be considered legal advice.)

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What are B2B buyers’ biggest turnoffs?

A recent survey of some 250 buyers from a mixed range of industries and company sizes revealed what the biggest turnoffs are during the B2B buying experience. If you think for half a minute about your own buying experiences, you might be able to guess a few of them. They are unfortunately not that unusual.

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