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What are B2B buyers’ biggest turnoffs?

A recent survey of some 250 buyers from a mixed range of industries and company sizes revealed what the biggest turnoffs are during the B2B buying experience. If you think for half a minute about your own buying experiences, you might be able to guess a few of them. They are unfortunately not that unusual.

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Quote of the week, by Jack Ma

Online is filled with quotes. Occasionally Zooma publishes quotes, as ‘quote of the week’ that we believe can be useful to you. This time it’s a quote about the future and AI by Jack MaEnjoy!

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Should I use subdomains or subdirectories from an SEO perspective?

When it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), the questions that people discuss are almost endless. From time to time we weigh in with advice and one of the things that have been frequently asked is with regards to domains. Specifically, if subdomains or subdirectories (a.k.a. subfolders) is the best option from an SEO perspective? In this article, we elaborate our reasoning on this topic.

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Is your company providing effortless simplicity?

If your company could only focus on one primary challenge in 2017 and beyond, what would it be? I would like to make the argument that the most important challenge by far, would be creating effortless simplicity for me. What and why is that?

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What is the concept of user memory and how could you apply it for customer satisfaction?

A while ago I read an interesting article in Smashing Magazine on the concept of user memory design’ and how that applies to almost any online or offline experience with a brand. In this short post, I will condense what I learned into a quickly digestible summary.

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