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Lifecycle stages: Leads and prospects are real people!

How to proofread content: Tips and checklist

How to dramatically improve your job search

Digital definitions

Lead generation: How to create a content offer in 30 minutes

Brand voice

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Content, and why it's difficult to be relevant and engaging

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What are digitisation, digitalisation and digital transformation?

The omnichannel delusion

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Reflections from Episerver Ascend 2019 in Miami

Design lessons from a 15 year old game

Openness, trust and inbound

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Why chatbots are important and how they work

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How to embrace change through online and digital

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Design tools 2019: Are you still using Photoshop to design websites?

INBOUND19: "A new species of disruptor"

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Two key takeaways from INBOUND19

Image vs Reality: Make the image never lie

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Why charities need to increase conversion, part 1

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Why is B2B-sales still challenged by the same things as 1999?

What is the first step for B2B-companies to be more relevant online?

How to plan your Social Media content

How to drive traffic from Instagram

Amazon vs Alibaba

Change is slow–very slow

Online nomenclature - What is what?

Big data! Do you have your small data in place?

Podcast with Biolin Scientific: Product Marketing then and now

Reasons to get started with inbound

Baidu vs Google

Stop asking your customers about satisfaction and expectations!

The most downloaded content offers of the first half of 2019

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Halfway through 2019 – The most read blog articles

Summer reading 2019

How can I repurpose our marketing and sales content?

How to get tangible results from trade shows

How do you tackle content creation?

Tips for creating buyer personas

Why is business blogging so crucial?

What does Amazon know?

Are you just present or are you active on LinkedIn?

Why are we not top 3 on Google?

Is data generated through online a C-level concern?

What is NPS and how to use it?

A brief digital outlook 2019

What are the three most common questions from your customers?

Is the inbound methodology the modern marketer’s trump card?

How Augmented Reality can improve B2B sales

Impressions from MWC19 - 5G is on our doorstep

Podcast with HubSpot: Thoughts about the future of online and digital

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What is the difference between a blog, vlog and slog?

Reflections of Episerver Partner Close-Up Event 2019

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How to run successful inbound campaigns

The most read blog posts 2018

The most downloaded content offers 2018

D-B2B 2018 main takeaways

A brief digital outlook - what's buzzing and what does it mean?

INBOUND18 recap

Why doesn't my refrigerator order my food?

Amazon - Your future partner or competitor?

Time to appoint a CAO, a Chief Analogue Officer!

How to maximise traffic & conversion rate on published blog posts

How to overcome the primary obstacles to digital transformation

Reflections on how it is to be a human being today

Time to really get to know your customers

Is it disruptive to have satisfied customers?

Do you understand why you should only look from the outside?

Do you want to improve your online and digital skills?

How are you doing online? 

Digital transformation: To be fast or in a hurry

The 4 most important SEO ranking factors according to industry studies

Is your website designed to meet a mobile user’s expectation?

The ten commandments of online and digital

Is it possible to recruit modern B2B marketers?

A brief history of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Time to close marketing, sales and aftersales?

What mobile apps do 18–34 year olds’ use the most?

Is your company customer-centric?

The five most read blog posts 2017

How to fry chicken using Virtual Reality

What traditional company is most ‘onlinified’ and digitalised?

Resources for those that want to know more about GDPR

How to clean your contact database – 5 criteria & common sense

Are you a strategist?

What are B2B buyers’ biggest turnoffs?

Will your company stay relevant in an onlinified and digitalised world?

Quote of the week, by Jack Ma

How to save the environment (and money) using CGI

How to get going with Kanban project management in your team!

How to make people understand your product or service

Is your organisation structured to manage change?

Definition of the week: What is online KPIs?

17 things to check before publishing content online

Definition of the week: What is a trend?

Books we are reading this summer

How to set the priorities within your to-do-list with an ABC analysis

Quote of the week, by Germany Kent

What is an editorial board and why do you need it for your business blog?

Quote of the week, by Jeff Bezos

Time to ‘kill’ the USPs!

Definition of the week: What is customer experience?

How to get through your to-do list when other things always pop-up

Stat of the week – IoT

Are you aware of your customers’ micro-moments?

Why are you not on WeChat?

Stat of the week – smart cities

What is Online vs. Digital?

Stat of the week – average marketing budget

Are Chinese Internet giants heading our way?

Stat of the week – connected spectacles

Why doesn’t my smartphone charge when I put it on a table?

Virtual meetings – how to adapt your communication skills

Stat of the week – B2B buyer journey

What to focus on when deciding keywords – and 3 research tools to use!

How to create good images – and stop that scrolling thumb!

Stat of the week – Facebook users

Making your website work for you

Improve your online presence: Make your words inseparable

Stat of the week – Chinese eCommerce

Explaining how technology works using 3D/CGI

If you know how, show how!

Stat of the week – mobile website traffic

Are you adjusting to a digital reality?

What is social selling and should you use it?

Stat of the week – Social Media usage

How to guide your online visitor using visual hierarchy

What and how to research before meetings!

Stat of the week – Smartphones and in-store purchasing

Augmented Reality is already changing the workplace

Will kids born today have driving licenses?

Stat of the week – LinkedIn and women

Is your content underperforming? 5 common mistakes to avoid

7 tips to get started with an agile project

Stat of the week – Online banking

Should I use subdomains or subdirectories from an SEO perspective?

The end of companies as we know them?

Stat of the week – Instagram users

What brand treats you exactly like you want to be treated?

Stat of the week – Mobile Users

3 reasons why companies should use CGI in 2017

Boost your lead generation with WCMS and Marketing Automation

Stat of the week – YouTube views

Steady change creating big impact – impressions from MWC17

Stop presenting you and your company!

Stat of the week – WeChat

What is Kanban process management and why, when, how should you use it?

How many promoters do you have?

Stat of the week – Marketing Budgets

How to track Facebook and Instagram ads in HubSpot

Tips for creating engaging video content online

Stat of the week – Messaging Apps

Tips for proofreading blog posts

5 current thoughts about social media

Stat of the week – Watching YouTube pre a purchase decision

What is a waterfall project?

Chinese social media: The top platforms in 2016

Be the brand experience conductor for digital natives

Is your company providing effortless simplicity?

Stat of the week – Voice Search

How to pull off the perfect photo/video production

Should I use PIM, DAM or both?

Stat of the week – Search

The failure button

Stat of the week – Amazon

Kotler says innovation is the future!

What is the concept of user memory and how could you apply it for customer satisfaction?

Stat of the week – Artificial Intelligence

How Augmented Reality can increase your customer loyalty

‘Just go home and sleep!’ – or how to break a creative block

Stat of the week – WiFi in-car

What is Industry 4.0 and why is it important?

Build a strong brand through simplicity

Stat of the week – Mobile broadband

What is an agile project?

How to reuse existing content and repackage it for blog posts

Stat of the week – Mobile Adblocking

Reflections and snapshots from #INBOUND2016

Key takeaways from #INBOUND2016

Stat of the week – Google searches

What is A/B testing and why, when and how shall I use it?

Make your facts pop—8 things to think about when creating an infographic

Stat of the week – Marketing Spend

Digital transformation – do we need heroes?

How do Marketing Automation Systems work?

Stat of the week – Online users

How you make people want to change

What makes content good, great or out of this world?

Stat of the week – Content Marketing

How to overcome your digital marketing skills gap

Five reasons to use 3D/CGI in your next campaign

Stat of the week – IoT is strategic

How to get 100 employees to write blog posts

The 5 steps for making tech easy

Stat of the week – Pinterest users

Great CTA examples based on real-world data

Why the user manual could be the ideal Inbound content

Stat of the week – speed of usage of new technology

Ericsson Cloud sets a new standard for inbound campaigns

A brief history of 3D/CGI

10 things people hate about your website

Stat of the week – most preferred choice of communication

How a project brief lays the foundation for a successful project

A consistent nomenclature for HubSpot – 5 steps to the perfect internal naming convention

Stat of the week – Internet users in China

5 tips for Marketing Managers going digital

Top 10 takeaways from the 2016 State of Inbound Report

Quote of the week, by Stellan Björnesjö

Five tips on how to increase impact with your business blog!

What the updated Google Keyword Planner means for your inbound efforts

Quote of the week, by Martin Olausson

Do you dare to change?

5 learnings from Pokémon GO on how to increase Customer Experience!

Quote of the week, by Anders Bjorklund

Should you host your site (WCMS) cloud-based or on-premise?

Why connect your Google AdWords account to HubSpot?

Quote of the week, by Christopher Hitchens

Writing for online #3: How to get people to click your links offsite

Content overload and ROI failure

Quote of the week, by Susan Piver

How to build competitive advantage in the age of the social product

Digital impressions last forever...

Quote of the week, by Thomas Edison

Time to make tech easy!

Top 10 takeaways from the 2016 Internet Trends Report

Quote of the week, by Woody Allen

Quote of the week, by Lord Byron

Everything that can be sold online eventually will be – the proof is in the numbers

Quote of the week, by Annika Sörenstam

8 apps you need this summer

Quote of the week, by Andy Warhol

Happy summer reading

Quote of the week, by Charles de Gaulle

Six tips for creating a business blog content machine

How to get your organisation onboard with Inbound

Quote of the week, by Zlatan Ibrahimović

A buyer’s perspective on purchasing projects from an agency

Analytics and culture

Quote of the week, by Ingvar Kamprad

Top reasons why companies fail with Inbound

Why I threw away pen and paper in 2001 and went digital first!

Quote of the week, by Jay Baer

Stay safe – use free images with a CC0 license

How to calculate ROI for CMS?

Quote of the week, by Charles Darwin

7 steps to maximize the outcome when buying a project from an agency

Why is it so hard to change?

Quote of the week, by Eleanor Roosevelt

Buyer’s journey content that makes impact

What is Inbound?

Quote of the week, by Guy Kawasaki

What is WCMS, and why should you use one?

What is a DDoS attack and how can you be protected?

Quote of the week, by Mark Zuckerberg

Writing for online #2: How to compose texts that people will read

Inspiring content that triggers personas

Quote of the week, by Jim Rohn

Happy image hunting – 10 great sources for free images!

6 things to prepare before you upload your podcast to iTunes

Quote of the week, by Åsa Lundell

What is the Internet of Things and why is it important?

4 areas you need to prioritise when reporting Inbound to management!

Quote of the week, by C.S. Lewis

Why you should quit newsletters and start blogging instead!

Personalisation without being intrusive

Quote of the week, by Daniel Ek

How to challenge without failing

What is the ‘filter bubble’?

Do you have people in your marketing images?

Quote of the week, by Sun Tzu

Creating platforms to support Inbound, brand & communication

What I use my smartwatch for

The most important social media channel for B2B?

Twitter – 10 tips to get started

Quote of the week, by Milan Kundera

Writing for online #1: How to create compelling content

How to build a smarter brand using on-the-fly, real-time communication

Quote of the week, by Hans Rosling

7 tips for effective email subject lines

How to reallocate budget from outbound to inbound marketing activities

My way into ‘Social Media’

How to use multiple accounts on Instagram

On the road to 5G and digital disruption has just started

Using LinkedIn for business intelligence

Quote of the week, by Marcus Sheridan

Instagram: Follow our example!

How to compare online touch points: Vimeo vs. YouTube

Quote of the week, by Anders Bjorklund

How to keep your email inbox empty

Help to write a blogpost!

How should I allocate my marketing budget?

Game changer for internal communication coming up!

Who will win Inbound Super Bowl tonight?

The five most read Zooma blogposts 2015

Social media thoughts 2016

Quote of the week, by Dan Lyons

Quote of the week, by Bernard M Baruch

5 things to consider when starting a podcast

Quote of the week, by Winston Churchill

The things we share with care during Christmas!

What is Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

Quote of the week, by Simon Sinek

Inbound + ecommerce organisation: Needed skills and typical roles

Quote of the week, by Christine Lagarde

Make business customer experience a human-to-human matter!

How inbound can affect future creation of novels

Quote of the week, by Jack Ma

Why you should use podcasts in your inbound mix

Things that help you create a loveable brand online

Quote of the week, by Albert Einstein

Report from #InboundDay2015, part 3/3

Quote of the week, by Arianna Huffington

Report from #InboundDay2015, part 2/3

Report from #InboundDay2015, part 1/3

Quote of the week, by Martin Luther King Jr.

How to live-tweet at events

Remember this when running a contest on Facebook

Why and how you shall use SlideShare

Why you should have a Company Page on LinkedIn

Quote of the week, by Tom Kelly

Improve your online presence: Dealing with long post titles

Zooma encourages you to take Corporate Social Responsibility

Quote of the week - Simon Sinek

How big should my marketing budget be?

It has never been so easy and hard to reach and interact with people

Quote of the week, by Daniel Ek

When should I send my email?

State of Inbound Report 2015

Gaining knowledge through podcasts

How to use ads to supercharge your Inbound Marketing

Quote of the week, by Geoff Hollingworth

What is business blogging?

Explore the presentations from INBOUND15

Will we work more in the future?

Quote of the week, by Dharmesh Shah

An energising week at INBOUND15

Quote of the week, by Howard Schultz

How to become Inbound certified

#INBOUND15 is kicking off this week

Save the date: Inbound Marketing Day 2015

You are Googled! Suggestions to increase online visibility.  

A good read to improve online measurability

Do Swedes have more time off than others?

10 reasons to get started with inbound marketing

Trends impacting the customer experience

Making B2B Buying Personal

Book tips: "Start with why" by Simon Sinek

How Collaboration is Defining the Future of the Connected Car

The brain processes visual data "60,000" times faster...

How do you display your online results internally?

Are you ready for Google's mobile­friendliness as a ranking signal?

Final days at the Mobile World Congress

High-lights day two at the Mobile World Congress

First day at Mobile World Congress

Inbound marketing + ecommerce = true

Where's Google going next?

Cookie consent: How far do you need to go?

Amazon Dash: An attempt at reinventing grocery shopping

What is an online lurker?

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

How to publish on LinkedIn Pulse!

What really matters during Agency selection?

5 steps when guiding an enthusiastic colleague

What is a "use case based efficiency maker"?

How to Build an Inbound Marketing Team

Zooma Presents Inbound Marketing Day

What do you want me to do online?

Faster decisions based on Big Data

Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah at Inbound 2014

Say hello to HubSpot CRM

Thank You for the Inbound Marketing Award!

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride - online fundraising meets offline fun

A quote by Larry Page

The case more in blogs

12 Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers [Infographic]

A quote by Brian Halligan

Coin - A use case based efficiency maker

Online Trends: Mobile online traffic surpass desktop in Sweden

Online Trends - The world is connecting!

Online Nomenclature - What is sharevertising?

When will I be amazed by a device again?

Online Nomenclature - What is an interaction?

Online Nomenclature - What is KBI's?

A quote by Dharmesh Shah

How one brand is reinventing the ecommerce return experience

A quote by Brian Solis

Setting a strategy that generates great results

Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah - the Inbound Marketing Experience

The growing importance of a mobile onsite presence

Quote of the day by Elon Musk

Brand vs. consumer maturity: Reflections on buying a car in 2014

What is HubSpot?

Amazon's vision statement

John F. Kennedy's vision was an objective

Online Nomenclature - What is an online touchpoint?

What brands impress you?


May 2014 Trend Briefing - Consumer Trend Canvas

Is marketing harder today?

Online Nomenclature - What is the definition of online?

Interesting things we've bookmarked recently (May 2014)

Mobile World Congress 2014

Great ideas by disconnecting

Online consumer trust is on the rise according to Nielsen

Why compete and try to win awards?

Thanks Seth Godin!

Non-gamers and gamification

Podcast of the week: Beyond the logo

Podcast of the week: Criss cross

Podcast of the week: Painted by hand

Podcast of the week: To our peers

Podcast of the week: Woz–a gadget lover

Podcast of the week: Trigger all senses

Podcast of the week: Make your own luck

Will Google’s Penguin rise at the expense of the alt attribute?

Podcast of the week: The secret recipe

Podcast of the week: On calendar level

Interesting things we’ve bookmarked recently (June 2013)

Podcast of the week: Take advantage of your style

Podcast of the week: Relevance and value

Are you an online strategist?

Podcast of the week: Being a maker is an art form

Mobile Online Trends in Europe

Online Behaviour - I am important

The battle for Offsite in Europe: LinkedIn vs. Xing and Viadeo

CRM - Is the need to understand the customer more urgent than ever?

Is the European automotive industry approaching “peak car”?

Do you think screens and surfaces if I mention online?

Online Trends in B2B E-commerce

Making change happen inside companies and organisations

Do you still question online?

Putting Mobile at the Heart of Online Strategy

Marketing departments: A room with three views

We are standing on the doorstep of the next great evolution

The 'secret' ingredients in Apple's recipe for success

Remember when you were impressed by the gadgets you got at work?

The automotive industry takes a leap of faith

How online behaviour forces companies to boost their online presence

Why you need to care about your conversion rate

Is apps "the thing"?

Follow the event "The Art Of Evolution" on twitter #taoe12

More space commuting, thanks to online!

Online trend spotting by Queen Mary

Can we trust facebook with our SMS data?

Two new facebook features to take note of

Online and retail store integration

Getting Social

Mays's Trendwatching Trend Briefing

Inbound marketing

Google Introduces Drive

Only 2% has happened

Three most popular posts