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Online Strategist at Zooma since 2012. 15+ years of experience as a manager, business developer and specialist within online and e-commerce. Has a perpetual drive for knowledge, and knows what to do with it. Find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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Say hello to HubSpot CRM

As you may know from following this blog or any of Zooma's offsite presence, this year we are attending HubSpot's annual INBOUND conference in Boston. Each year there are major product announcements and this year is no different. On stage this evening HubSpot's co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah announced two new important product updates for 2015; an integrated CRM system and the redesign of Signals into a new product called Sidekick. Here is what Brian and Dharmesh had to say as well as a brief overview in anticipation of a more detailed update to follow.

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The case more in blogs

pink-pen-zoomaDuring the last few months I have come across a discussion about the necessity of the "read more" button on blogs. The what? Yes, the "read more" button might not be self-explanatory so let me shortly explain to you what it is and why I think blogs should have them from a business perspective.

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How one brand is reinventing the ecommerce return experience

Did you ever stop from buying something online because it was too difficult to return the item? I have for sure. Well, thankfully a solution might be forthcoming at last. A Dutch denim brand is leading the way and reinventing the ecommerce return experience.

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Brand vs. consumer maturity: Reflections on buying a car in 2014

A while ago a well-known car manufacturer launched an advertising campaign which grabbed my attention. If the rest of the brand experience would have been as engaging as the campaign I would now have owned a new car. Alas I don't and in this post I’ll explain why that is. 

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Interesting things we've bookmarked recently (May 2014)

Continuing upon a series we started last year we’re sharing with you, our friends, some of the resources we're bookmarking between members of the Zooma team. We hope you find them interesting and useful! For the month of May we have the interspecies internet, Larry Page's thoughts on Google's future including autonomous cars, some useful tools and more, happy bookmarking!

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Online consumer trust is on the rise according to Nielsen

Nielsen has just published an update of its ”Trust in Advertising” report based on polls conducted with 29 000 consumers in 58 countries all over the globe. The study provides statistics on global online consumer trust with regards to advertising. Looking at the figures it is clear that trust is on the rise for most types of advertising compared to a few years ago, which is interesting given the level of information transparency that online consumers enjoy today.

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Interesting things we’ve bookmarked recently (June 2013)

We’ve come to realised lately that we’re bookmarking quite a lot and sharing those resources between members of the Zooma team, and so we figured; why not share some with you, our readers too? So here we go, we hope you find them interesting and useful!

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The battle for Offsite in Europe: LinkedIn vs. Xing and Viadeo

With a few exceptions, most notably Russia, Facebook is now the dominant player in Offsite (aka ”Social Media”) in Europe. However, even though Facebook may have ”won” the battle for our private time for now (rest assured something new will arrive to pick up the gauntlet in the future), when it comes to what we do professionally the fight for Offsite dominance is still very much alive. Despite LinkedIn closing in on 200m registered users worldwide, it's facing stiff competition in some key European markets. Let’s look at a few examples of what is happening using search volume data from Google Trends to highlight user intent in some of the major European countries.



After being the dominant player for many years it looks like Viadeo, with a current base in France of some 6 million registered users, could be coming under pressure from LinkedIn for the top spot in 2013. In fact, it could be that LinkedIn has already caught up with Viadeo, but it’s way too early to dismiss Viadeo from your full online presence when doing business in France. 



In Germany, the pattern is different: Here it seems that Xing, the market leader in the German speaking countries, is managing to keep its leading position over LinkedIn and on November 15th 2012 Xing announced that it had passed 6 million members in Germany, Austria and Switzerland combined (with more than 0.5 million members each in Austria and Switzerland indicating roughly 5 million members in Germany). So, for the foreseeable future, Xing will have to be on your radar if you’re doing business in Germany (Austria and Switzerland, see below).



The pattern is the same as as in Germany with Xing ahead, but LinkedIn seem to be gaining in popularity.



Switzerland is interesting, because on the surface it looks like LinkedIn passed Xing in popularity two years ago.


That is probably true in terms of total users, but if you look at searches by region, it’s obvious that Xing is still a factor to be reckoned with in the German speaking region and that LinkedIn is relatively weaker there, while Viadeo is still relevant in the French speaking region.





To round off, we should mention of course that LinkedIn is clearly the dominant player across Europe, but with this we would like to emphasise that LinkedIn is still (in 2013) by no means the only professional network touch point you need to be considering. If you want to discuss what Offsite strategy is best applied to your specific business needs, feel free to get in touch with us at Zooma!

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Is the European automotive industry approaching “peak car”?

It’s pretty clear that the automotive industry in Europe is in trouble and has been so for the last couple of years. In fact, the European auto market is set to drop this year to the lowest volume of new car sales since 1995 with a -7.6% decline in eleven months of 2012 compared to the year before. Even in 1990, just as the Berlin Wall was being dismantled and the Cold War era came to an end, more new cars were sold in Europe than in 2012 as proven by the graph below based on data from the European Automotive Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA).

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Making change happen inside companies and organisations

A long time ago, someone said that the first step towards the patient getting well is understanding that the patient is sick. This is very much true for businesses and organisations today, as they face an ever-changing landscape of online behaviour from consumers and customers. However, once past that first step, the real challenge starts; making change happen inside the organisation. Don’t know where to start? Here are the first 3 things you should do.

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We are standing on the doorstep of the next great evolution

There are many important turning points in the history of human invention. The invention of the wheel, Gutenberg’s printing press, the telegraph, the light bulb, television, the computer, the mobile phone and the internet included. Now the next wave of innovation is upon us and it has the potential for creative destruction as never before imagined.

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The 'secret' ingredients in Apple's recipe for success

We all know why Apple is so successful right? They make great products and great software because they understand user behaviour, wants and needs better than anyone else. They have created the iTunes and App Store ecosystems from which few want to switch once they buy in. And then there is the brand, famous for all the right reasons ever since the 1984 Macintosh campaign. Surely there can’t be any other components that are key to Apple’s success?

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Remember when you were impressed by the gadgets you got at work?

If you think about it, I bet it’s been a while. Actually, it’s most likely been years since you reached that tipping point and went out and got yourself an iPhone or another device you really desired because your employer wasn’t able to supply you with it. Maybe you thought it strange or even frustrating back then, but by now you have most likely grown accustomed. This shift happened without most of us realising it, yet it was a milestone that has since left companies struggling to adapt in more ways than one.

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The automotive industry takes a leap of faith

If you think that you won’t ever buy a new car online, think again. It might happen faster than you think. While the automotive industry is certainly struggling in Europe and some other parts of the world, hampered by overcapacity and economic turmoil in key markets, we saw a glimpse of the future this summer as three leading brands showcased that the future of car distribution and service lies online, and there’s evidence of more to come. 

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Why you need to care about your conversion rate

Have you ever wondered why measuring and optimising a conversion rate is important? If so, you're not alone. For many online marketers the concept of measuring and caring about conversion rate for any given campaign online is still somewhat abstract. Why you might wonder? At least part of the explanation, we argue, is due to the long history of habits, methods and processes within businesses. Very few companies in the world have ever measaured conversion with regards to relations built and maintained at fairs, meetings and other forms of traditional marketing. Thus, there is very little inherent focus on the subject built into organisations worldwide.

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