pink letter important zoomaThis is a post about "I" (representing people's online behaviour) and how "I" think regarding online, enjoy:

I’m just like everyone else... I want everything to happen right now, on demand, here and now. I expect all brands and companies to know that my main issue in life is that I have huge difficulties to manage my daily obligations and find time to relax.

I expect the best of an “onlinified” world with instant information and immediate gratification – and everything shall be embedded in my “offline experiences”. My true belief is that brands and companies that are willing to win, shall “do as I tell them”, because I am important!

Mine and other people’s gut feeling about companies, products, services or solutions is the yardstick they are measured against and what ultimately determines their fate. That is why the marketing departments and everyone else involved need to work with branding in a way that is adapted aligned to our online behaviour. 

Anders Björklund

Founder, CEO & Strategist since 2001. Anders provides thoughts and reflections about what and how to think about onlinification and digitalisation in B2B. Asks a lot of questions, and knows what to do with the answers.
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