Niyat Ghebremichael

Niyat is a content creator at Zooma since 2019. She loves to create content​ and helps to bring campaigns and ideas to life.
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Working from home - Learnings after six months

In March, the world changed, and all Zoomers and many customers started working from home. During these six months, we have been monitoring how colleagues and customers experience the fact that they work from home. Below we share our main learnings from working remotely.

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What INBOUND 2020 can teach us about virtual events

INBOUND2020 has been a fantastic digital experience filled with insightful sessions and networking opportunities. Below you can read what INBOUND2020 can teach us about online and digital events.

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INBOUND2020 day 1: Product updates and spotlight session

The first day of INBOUND2020 was excellent: great sessions, good speakers, and so much knowledge. We look forward to bring you shared experiences, the latest news, and knowledge from the inbound community. Below you can read about product updates and watch the spotlight session about the new normal with Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah!

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