Thanks for joining Inbound Breakfast

Thanks for joining Inbound Breakfast on May 26. Thanks for prioritising the breakfast and we do think that you enjoyed it, at least that is what the NPS indicates.

The Inbound Breakfast was the first free of charge event that we have arranged and was created upon request from relations that had a need of an introduction to inbound.

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#InboundDay2015 - Winners "Best Reporting"

At the introduction of #InboundDay2015 it was announced that there would be a price to the company that did the "Best Reporting" live from the event. A couple of companies made impressive live-reporting through the event on Twitter and Instagram.

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#InboundDay2015 – SEK 75 000 to Médecins Sans Frontiéres!

Happy and proud to announce that Zooma just supported Médecins Sans Frontières with SEK 75 000. This as a result of the annual Inbound Day 2015.

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