I overheard a discussion that some qualified people had on the flight the other day. That discussion made me think...

Is marketing harder today than yesterday?
Some of you say yes, some say no.

Has marketing changed the last couple of years?
Some of you say yes, some say no.

And I do think that the answers are different based on who you are, the culture in your organisation and the history and the maturity of people and decision makers in your company.

Most companies use marketing, service and sales as three separate parts of the organisation. Most companies have a tradition of measuring sales, earning money on service and aftermarket sales and to look upon marketing as a cost. That is where most companies come from and where they are today. The main focus of marketing departments is also usually to create awareness and to make sure that the brand is "looking good".

Since late 90's all companies have increasingly become aware of the "coming" and "ongoing" changes, the "modern" stuff. And all changes have been looked upon as new "things", mostly "techy" and usually no one within their target groups use the "things" and "techy" stuff.

One of the fundamental changes and therefore challenges of marketing and communication is that the relevant touch points have increased enormously. Today we have a gazillion moving parts where we can go, do, buy and find stuff, people, content, answers, products, solutions, guidance, opinions and get help and support.

Also, the purchasers and buyers way of making decisions has been transformed. Companies still use their old sales funnels, rigid bonus systems and inside focused ways of thinking about their customers. Meanwhile the customers and prospects have become the one's owning the truth and owning the answers.

So, is marketing harder today?

Marketing is easy if you are truly interested and willing to put in the effort. Because the people that pays your salary, are just like you. They are people that need help to have a good life where they feel important and they want to surround themselves only with a nice and service minded culture and feel satisfied!

So, the answer is no! Marketing is more fun, measurable, pragmatic and fair than ever before. And the competition is low and fragmented.


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Anders Björklund

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