Charlotte Björsjö

Project Manager since 2014.
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Mölndal Energi launches El & Energiguiden!

Our friends at Mölndal Energi have launched their new blog "El- & energiguiden", with useful tips and advice for consumers.

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Congratulations Biolin Scientific!

On Thursday, October 19, our friends at Biolin Scientific launched a new online presence to reflect their brand and offering.

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Thanks for the HubSpot Impact Award!

Each year HubSpot awards certified agencies around the world that have delivered something extraordinary to their clients during the year.

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Zooma congratulates Dfind to their new blog

On Thursday, Januari 26, 2017 Dfind launched their new blog “Dfind-Bloggen”.

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Zooma congratulates iStone to their new online presence!

Our friends at iStone launched their new on October 18. The entire .se is set up in HubSpot and is therefore a major step in their inbound journey.

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