On June 10, Tomas Carlström, Head of Fundraising and Communication at Göteborgs Stadsmission visited Zooma and gave his perspective on how Gothenburg is doing.

Everyone at Zooma believes no one should have to live in social exclusion. Göteborgs Stadsmission is doing something about it and they do an excellent job for people in need in our vicinity. That's why we support their fantastic job.

We invited Tomas Carlström, Head of Fundraising and Communication at Stadsmission, to learn more about how Gothenburg is currently doing and what social challenges lie ahead. During breakfast he gave us an update. 

Watch the video and enjoy (in Swedish)!

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If you are interested to know more about how Gothenburg is doing, we do recommend you to invite Tomas to your company.


And, if you also want to get engaged, your company can sign up to partner with Göteborgs Stadsmission here.

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