New Zoomer on board – Hej Johanna!

In November 2018 Johanna Ivarsson joined Zooma as Project Manager. Johanna has vast experience and knowledge in working with online and digital from various industries and sectors.  

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Welcome Carl!

In October 2018 Carl Wåhlander started as an Art Director at Zooma. So, I decided to interview him about how he became a Zoomer.

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Welcome Jakob!

We are happy to welcome Jakob Jaber as Tech Lead at Zooma! 

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The return of the Cecilia

Yet another former colleague, Cecilia Langenius, returns to Zooma.

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Welcome Nils!

Nils Munk Wirell joins Zooma from September 5. We are delighted to welcome Nils as a zoomer.

Nils is now Zooma's director of 3D/CGI and is located at the head office in Gothenburg.

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Pé is back!

Pé re-joins Zooma on August 1. We are happy to welcome Pé back as a zoomer.

Pé is one of the two founders of Zooma in 2001 and re-joins after a three years walkabout.

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