The 4 most important SEO ranking factors according to industry studies

Every year there are new reports and articles published outlining the most important ranking factors to consider when working with search engine optimization. We've looked at the latest ones and summarised what we believe to be right in 2018.

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Is your website designed to meet a mobile user’s expectation?

When browsing the web today, it’s fascinating how many sites are still not optimised for mobile. Smartphones have had a significant impact on people’s daily behaviours, and to adapt to that change a mobile optimised website is a must. In 2017 we passed 4 billion internet users worldwide, and people expect nothing less than that your site works perfectly on any device, is user-friendly, look great and of course, load fast.

Below I’ve listed a few essential things you have to consider when designing a website to meet a user’s mobile expectations.

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The ten commandments of online and digital

The other week I had lunch with one of Zooma’s friends and she asked me to create the ten commandments of online and digital. She needed it for an internal workshop with their sales and marketing. Here you’ll find a summary of the ten most common bits of advice regarding obtaining an online and digital mindset. Including a PDF that you can download and keep as a constant reminder.

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Is it possible to recruit modern B2B marketers?

The difference between a modern and traditional marketer is clear. Whereas the traditional marketer mainly aims to increase customer awareness, the modern marketers’ job is to build customer engagement.

In this blog post, I intend to help you decide if it is possible to recruit a modern marketer at all. For it to be possible, there need to be candidates out there whom truly understand and adapt to the shift in customer buying behaviour. As you might have guessed, I have my doubts.

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A brief history of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A lot can be said (and has been said!) about Search Engine Optimization, so instead of offering yet another analysis of recent data, this time we take a look at the past to see what there is to learn for the future.

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