Things that help you create a loveable brand online

Have you ever thought about what to do to be loved and not only liked as a brand? In this post we write about some of our thoughts on what is important when it comes to creating content that inspires and creates engagement with your brand.

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How to live-tweet at events

How shall I think when I want to tweet from an event? We get this question quite frequently from our friends and relations. Below you find some tips on how you could think and do.

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The brain processes visual data "60,000" times faster...

It’s time for companies and organisations to start understanding how and how fast we make decisions. As human beings we are visually oriented by nature.

We google 4 million search queries every minute and 90 percent of all data has been created in the last two years. And the increase of visual data is exploding.

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Great ideas by disconnecting

When, where and how do you get creative? Is it when you brainstorm with others, sipping espresso at a café, in the shower or just minutes before you fall asleep (and forget all about it the next morning)? 

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