How many promoters do you have?

Most brands talk about focusing on the customer and being customer centric. How true is that in your company? If you strive for getting people to recommend and promote you and your brand, you’d better make sure that your customers are delighted and satisfied.

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5 learnings from Pokémon GO on how to increase Customer Experience!

What’s the secret to launching an overnight worldwide success? 20 years of practising! Pokémon GO has done a lot of things right, and we thought it would be interesting to look into some of those things and see how we can apply them to Customer Experience and Inbound.

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Make business customer experience a human-to-human matter!

Are there humans behind the numbers or just random John Does in a procurement department? I believe they are humans, and that gives us the chance to interact with them from a Human-to-Human (H2H) perspective. I want to give you 4 critical parts in how to succeed with Inbound thinking and how to apply it to your Business Customer Experience.

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