Is the inbound methodology the modern marketer’s trump card?

Most likely the answer is yes, since this is the most rational no-nonsense way of providing and communicating your knowledge and skills as a trustworthy basis for gaining trust. And do you know that this philosophy was successfully used already in the 60’s – by Nike!

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Resources for those that want to know more about GDPR

In May 2018 the new EU data privacy act called the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) is coming into force. The purpose of the legislation is to have an impact on how organisations obtain, store, manage or process personal data of EU citizens. In this post, we will provide some fundamental information and links to sources talking about the GDPR and its consequences that we have found useful, and hopefully you will too. (Note that this post is not to be considered legal advice.)

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Are you adjusting to a digital reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) and other kinds of digital realities will affect our society in ways that we are yet to imagine. Gartner Group estimates that Virtual Reality will hit the mainstream in the next couple of years. Many companies are facing difficult decisions on if and how to incorporate various digital realities in their business offerings.

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How to overcome your digital marketing skills gap

The world is changing quickly and technology is constantly improving and challenging our usual behaviours and ways of communicating. For marketers, it could sometimes feel impossible to keep up with the trends and constantly tailor the marketing initiatives to match the current environment. 

Do you keep up with the changes and have the up-to-date knowledge required to succeed as a digital marketer?

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Why the user manual could be the ideal Inbound content

We’ve seen it a thousand times: The launch campaign is rolling out. There are ads all over the place and the brochures still spread a scent of printing ink. The photographers and creatives have really bent over backwards to create an emotional approach—you should want this new gizmo from the bottom of your heart! But there are people who don’t think with their hearts.

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Content overload and ROI failure

A while ago I wrote here that my main thoughts about online and digital 2016 is that it will be the year when we are overloaded with irrelevant content in some or most offsite communities (a.k.a. social media).

I am a bit worried about what is going on with all the discussions and thoughts around so called Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing.

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Inspiring content that triggers personas

Get to know your personas to be able to pick up their ‘tone-of-voice’ when it comes to how to communicate with them in a dialogue, not a monologue. Don’t try to pretend that you can walk the walk and talk the talk, without having done your homework first, i.e. getting to know your target audience (your personas) and their needs.

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Do you have people in your marketing images?

If you have people in your images when marketing your products, solutions or services — do remember that you need to have written consent from them. In this post I will explain briefly about the laws of using images in advertising and marketing communication.

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My way into ‘Social Media’

Do you remember the first time you ‘surfed the net, where you were and what you saw’? Then, most probably you’re a digital immigrant. Here’s my personal story on how to get more and more comfortable in a field that the digital natives conquer. My giant leap was when I started working at Zooma 2015.

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Why you should use podcasts in your inbound mix

Inbound is about providing answers and solutions to your personas’ questions and problems. And there are multiple ways of delivering those clarifications online. Blog posts, videos and podcasts are just a few examples. This post will focus on the latter and why those can be truly effective.

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How to live-tweet at events

How shall I think when I want to tweet from an event? We get this question quite frequently from our friends and relations. Below you find some tips on how you could think and do.

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How big should my marketing budget be?

In times of budgeting, we are often exposed to the question regarding how to identify and argue what is a reasonable marketing budget. As for many other questions the short answer is "it depends", and here we take it a bit further than that.

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Gaining knowledge through podcasts

Do you feel that newfound knowledge is like an extra dose of oxygen? Knowledge and inspiration can come from different sources like blog posts, seminars, books etc. If you aspire for knowledge but are lacking time, podcast is the perfect format. It allows you to listen while doing other things at the same time. Personally I love podcast for the inspiration and entertainment they give and I would like to share a few of my favourite podcasts.

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10 reasons to get started with inbound marketing

Have you put an inbound marketing plan together? If not, here are ten reasons for you to get started.

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Book tips: "Start with why" by Simon Sinek

Why are some individuals, companies and organisations more innovative and influential than others? Why do they gain more trust and impact?

In his book "Start with why" Simon Sinek claims that they all think, act, and communicate diametrically different than everyone else. The thesis is that individuals like Martin Luther King Jr. and Steve Jobs all started with why.

Photo: From presskit at Start with why

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