Save the date: Inbound Marketing Day 2015

It's time to save the date for Inbound Marketing Day 2015.

Zooma will host the second annual Inbound Marketing Day in Gothenburg on November 12th. The event was a huge success last year so we have decided to do a full day seminar this year. The event is for sales, marketing and communications professionals and it focuses on sharing insights into effective marketing that delivers real results and generates a steady stream of business leads.

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What really matters during Agency selection?

You’re sitting at the Marketing Communications Department. Within that responsibility, what do you expect from your partners? The simple answer should be - the same as is expected from you. To be really successful with your business partners, start with the strategic foundation. Here is a way to approach the challenge:

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How to Build an Inbound Marketing Team

A while back we had the opportunity to sit down and listen to Mike Volpe, CMO at HubSpot, and hear his thoughts on how to build an inbound marketing team. This is a summary of the presentation he gave at the time.

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A quote by Brian Halligan

Quote by Brian Halligan, HubSpot CEO


“The way I think about culture is that modern humans have radically changed the way that they work and the way that they live. Companies need to change the way they manage and lead to match the way that modern humans actually work and live. We’re trying to re-craft culture in a way that really matches that. I think that 99% of companies are kind of stuck in the ‘90s when it comes to their culture.”


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CRM - Is the need to understand the customer more urgent than ever?

For a moment I had a thought that the header of this post should be the only content in this post…

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