How to live-tweet at events

How shall I think when I want to tweet from an event? We get this question quite frequently from our friends and relations. Below you find some tips on how you could think and do.

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How big should my marketing budget be?

In times of budgeting, we are often exposed to the question regarding how to identify and argue what is a reasonable marketing budget. As for many other questions the short answer is "it depends", and here we take it a bit further than that.

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Gaining knowledge through podcasts

Do you feel that newfound knowledge is like an extra dose of oxygen? Knowledge and inspiration can come from different sources like blog posts, seminars, books etc. If you aspire for knowledge but are lacking time, podcast is the perfect format. It allows you to listen while doing other things at the same time. Personally I love podcast for the inspiration and entertainment they give and I would like to share a few of my favourite podcasts.

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10 reasons to get started with inbound marketing

Have you put an inbound marketing plan together? If not, here are ten reasons for you to get started.

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Book tips: "Start with why" by Simon Sinek

Why are some individuals, companies and organisations more innovative and influential than others? Why do they gain more trust and impact?

In his book "Start with why" Simon Sinek claims that they all think, act, and communicate diametrically different than everyone else. The thesis is that individuals like Martin Luther King Jr. and Steve Jobs all started with why.

Photo: From presskit at Start with why

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The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride - online fundraising meets offline fun

Think motorcycles. Think bikers.

Do you get positive thoughts, or do images of thugs in leather vests like in the TV series Sons of Anarchy come to mind?

Most likely the latter, but think again: this is the story of how a very simple idea from a remote motorcycle club becomes a worldwide online phenomenon, creating awareness about and raising funds for prostate cancer research.

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A Marketing department: A room with three views

Quite recently, in a typical marketing department of a typical company, three people had a discussion about a product launch campaign. There was Jolene, the company’s 27 years old budding talent, Michelle, the hyper efficient doer in her forties who never lost track of anything, and there was Dan, a company alderman who had been in charge of many of the companies campaigns over the years.

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