Analytics and culture

Anyone in marketing and sales today realise the need to make educated decisions based on data, but few manage to get to a point where ambition becomes reality. Resources are added, investments are made, but one important component tends to be overlooked, the one thing that ultimately determine success: A metric driven culture. 

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Do Swedes have more time off than others?

Everyone loves a holiday and some people are entitled to more holidays than others. And Swedes are more privileged than most. Or?

Only looking at paid holidays and parental leave, Swedes are definitely fortunate. But if you dig into the hours actually worked per worker, the opposite turns out to be true.

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What really matters during Agency selection?

You’re sitting at the Marketing Communications Department. Within that responsibility, what do you expect from your partners? The simple answer should be - the same as is expected from you. To be really successful with your business partners, start with the strategic foundation. Here is a way to approach the challenge:

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