What I use my smartwatch for

A couple of days ago I had a cup of java with a friend and he asked me what I use my Apple Watch for? My friend was surprised that I use it as much as I do.

My friend had not found the use cases that improved effortless simplicity in his life. The conversation ended with him saying “Can you send me a message with the stuff you just said”, and this is that message! 

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Instagram: Follow our example!

A couple of months ago Zooma decided that we should give all colleagues free access to our Instagram account and publish whatever they liked. Now we would like you to follow our example. 

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How should I allocate my marketing budget?

What is a reasonable budget, and how should I spend it to achieve maximum ROI? This question is on top of most CMO:s agendas. Here we share some fresh insights on marketing budget allocation.

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5 thoughts about Offsite Communities (a.k.a. social media)

Lots of people claim that they can predict the future! That the activity in offsite communities (a.k.a. social media) will hit a new high 2016, is not a very advanced prediction. But what are the main changes that we can expect within offsite communities in 2016? Below you find what I think and believe are the main things that will happen with offsite commuties 2016, and what businesses should be looking out for.

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How big should my marketing budget be?

In times of budgeting, we are often exposed to the question regarding how to identify and argue what is a reasonable marketing budget. As for many other questions the short answer is "it depends", and here we take it a bit further than that.

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It has never been so easy and hard to reach and interact with people

I guess that you frequently run into infographics, figures and stats that visualise and describe the amount of data produced or consumed online. The numbers are mind-blowing and they show no sign of slowing down. The easiest summary of the future is that everything online and digital will increase.

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When should I send my email?

How many of the emails you receive do you open? And how many of your emails do you act on? What can you do to improve the chances of reaching through with the emails you send?

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State of Inbound Report 2015

The seventh annual State of Inbound report is now launched. The report tracks the practice and adoption of inbound marketing.

We know that you from time to time need arguments for justifying online marketing spend and budget. The State of Inbound Report 2015 will serve as a good input for roadmap creation and for your organisation’s entire approach to marketing and sales. All data has been gathered to give best possible representation of the current industry landscape.

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Trends impacting the customer experience

There's a new release of the Ericsson Mobility Report. For those of you who yet haven’t discovered this publication, it is a indicative publication that can be used as a source of information on important trends and as a basis for future decisions on how to change and adapt to ongoing developments.

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The brain processes visual data "60,000" times faster...

It’s time for companies and organisations to start understanding how and how fast we make decisions. As human beings we are visually oriented by nature.

We google 4 million search queries every minute and 90 percent of all data has been created in the last two years. And the increase of visual data is exploding.

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Where's Google going next?

Lot´s of people are speculating in where Google is going next. So far Google have been easy to understand, they have been driven by the maximisation of their search advertisement business which have lead them to reinvent for example email, and for those who don't mind about the privacy concerns it's been mostly great! So what now?

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What do you want me to do online?

When you enter the start page on a .com or .xx. How often is it obvious what they want you to do? If people spend 2.8-8 seconds before taking action, what is it that they want you to do?

Below you find a tasks to get you started.

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Faster decisions based on Big Data

A new interesting paper "The game has changed" from our friend Geoff Hollingworth at Ericsson, Head of Product Marketing Cloud. 

In the paper Geoff describes how devices are being connected for the information they know, the change they can effect, and the experiences that can be provided from both. Telecommunications remove time delays and speed up decision making.

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Coin - A use case based efficiency maker

From time to time you hear or see us talking about "use case based efficiency makers". Here is an example of just that, enjoy the video! 

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Online Trends: Mobile online traffic surpass desktop in Sweden

You may not have noticed but according to StatCounter a milestone was passed in Sweden this summer when it comes to online trends. July 2014 was the first time mobile online traffic to Swedish websites surpassed that of desktop traffic. I.e. more people were accessing websites with mobile devices such as phones and tablets than with computers.

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