Is your company providing effortless simplicity?

If your company could only focus on one primary challenge in 2017 and beyond, what would it be? I would like to make the argument that the most important challenge by far, would be creating effortless simplicity for me. What and why is that?

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Quote of the week, by Sun Tzu

Online is filled with quotes. Occasionally Zooma publish quotes, as "quote of the week" that we believe can be useful for you. This time it's a quote by Sun Tzu from the Art of warEnjoy!

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Creating platforms to support Inbound, brand & communication

Using an Inbound methodology will help you streamline your content and communication as a brand. But in order to succeed, it’s important that you have done your homework and created a solid base to stand upon. Part of the solution is to create platforms that can guide your whole communication as a brand.

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Who will win Inbound Super Bowl tonight?

Tonight it’s time for Super Bowl 50 at the Levi’s Stadium, San Francisco. Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos are fighting for the title. At the same time the advertising world gathers to announce another winner: Who will be the one making the strongest short- and long term impression? If you want to follow the game from another perspective, here's how we suggest you yourself can announce the winner of Super Bowl – from a communication perspective.

Who will be the winner of communication tonight?

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Final days at the Mobile World Congress

The question asked in the previous blogpost was which are the apps that will make a difference on people’s lives on a day to day basis? Below you can see some suggestions from Ericsson Consumer Lab. In the Ericsson hall people could vote by putting a Ping-Pong ball in a container and you can see the result further down.

What would you like to see in 2015
 (click to see full infographic). 

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